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Our analysis methods

Nos Analyses

AFRILAB, a leading laboratory in the mining and environmental sector, offers state-of-the-art analytical methods that meet international standards requirements 

A/ Mechanical preparation

  •  Crushing
  •  Division
  • Drying
  •  Grinding

B/ Chemical preparation

  • Regal water attack
  • Digestion 4 acids
  • HNO3 digestion
  • Sodium peroxide fusion

C/ Absorption analysis of metals

Atomic absorption spectrometry is the classical method for the determination of metals, the choice of furnace or flame depends on the compound sought and the desired sensitivity.

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D/ analyse par ICP

- Analysis after digestion 4 acids

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-Analysis after peroxide fusion

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E/ Precious metal analysis

E1 / Gold analysis 

-Gold analysis after lead melting
- Graphite trace analysis of gold after liq-liq extraction
-Gold analysis by gravimetry 

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E2 / Silver analysis

-Silver analysis after lead melting 
-Silver analysis after 4 acid digestion and finishing by ICP
-Silver analysis by gravimetry

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F/ Analysis of Platinoids by ICP after fusion coupellation

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G/ Rare earth analysis after 4 acid digestion

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H/ Analysis by volumetric titration and/or gravimetry

  • Cu in copper concentrate and ore
  • Pb in Lead concentrate and ore
  • Zn in Zinc concentrate and ore
  • Mn in Manganese concentrate and ore
  • Total Fe in concentrate and ore of Total Iron
  • Magnetic Fe in Magnetic Iron concentrate and ore
  • Ba in Barium concentrate and ore
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I/ Physical analysis

  • Determining the density
  • Determination of humidity
  • Granulometric analysis

J/ Sampling and inspection

  • Inspection and sampling of ores and concentrates
  • Supervision, inspection and loading of containers 

K/ Sampling and analysis of drinking water, waste water, surface water and industrial waste

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