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AFRILAB Morocco is a laboratory specialised in mineral and environmental analysis. It has state-of-the-art equipment which, combined with the know-how of its staff, provides mining industry operators with a range of services that meet the most demanding international standards.

Mining activity

- Base and precious metals analysis :

AFRILAB has the technical tools, the high-tech analytical equipment and the expertise to provide reliable and high quality analytical services:

  • Gold analyses by lead smelting
  • Trace furnace analysis of gold by Graphite furnace
  • Gravimetric analysis of gold and silver in ingots
  • Analysis of heavy metals by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry
  • Trace and major analyses by ICP/AES
  • Analysis of metals in merchant shipments by volumetric determination
  • Density and moisture analysis
  • Determination of particle size distribution.

Technical and industrial support

- Process design :

For each type of ore, it is fundamental to define the appropriate treatment process. Our experts assist our customers in the development of the beneficiation process, the selection and commissioning of the treatment plant equipment.

With 20 years of experience in processing and production, our teams can also deliver an assessment of the process capability, productivity and profitability of production plants.

- Design and commissioning of analytical laboratories:
For clients wishing to set up their own laboratories, our teams support them throughout the engineering, equipment selection, installation, commissioning and training of personnel dedicated to carrying out analyses in the exploration or exploitation site laboratories:

  • Design, engineering and commissioning of new mining laboratories
  • Optimisation, development and modernisation of existing mining laboratories 
  • Design and installation of mobile laboratories for mechanical preparation and analysis of samples 

- Sampling and Inspection :
The collection of reliable representative samples of ores and shipping lots is fundamental to a mining operation. AFRILAB has a team that is well versed in sampling theory and tools to provide its clients with representative and unbiased samples:

  • Inspection and sampling of consignments for shipment 
  • Sampling of raw material batches for processing and recovery plants
  • Inspection of batches of concentrates, walleyes and ingots.

- Material balances and industrial process evaluation:
The periodic material balance is a very effective means and tool to evaluate the performance and productivity of a production plant.

AFRILAB has experts who master the tools of material balance in production plants. The various missions carried out by our experts in several operating sites in Morocco and in Africa have enabled our clients to control their losses.


- Physico-chemical analyses of water and discharges:

AFRILAB has a laboratory that carries out complete physico-chemical analyses of water and liquid waste.

- Social and environmental impact studies :

They are now required for any operator wishing to develop a mining project in order to obtain the relevant authorisations from government authorities and donors.  AFRILAB is able to provide you with reliable studies that meet IFC performance standards.

- Effluent management :

Effluent management is a daily concern in the mining industry. It differs and evolves throughout the life cycle of a mine site.

AFRILAB helps you define your effluent management plan to ensure the protection of the environment, natural ecosystems and surrounding populations.

Quality, Health and Safety at Work :

- Implementation of QSE management systems:

Compliance with quality, safety and environmental standards means implementing management systems that meet the requirements of the internationally recognised ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards.

AFRILAB supports you during all stages of the implementation process to ensure that your management systems are adapted to your needs and based on the spirit of continuous improvement. The implementation of new QHSE systems is no secret to our experts.

- Audit and support :

Our experts support clients seeking to improve their existing QHSE systems and/or to carry out certification projects to current standards.

- QSE training engineering :

Improving the QHSE skills of employees is an ethical and moral responsibility of every company.

AFRILAB assists you in establishing the matrix of competencies required for each profile and job and in defining your training plans based on the competence approach.

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